The Big Three Football Boot Deals

The Big Three Football Boot Deals

They bring in lots of cash through sponsorship, move esteem, long term agreements, and supports. Indeed, even the boots they wear during a game are likewise a type of business. How about we look at the absolute most costly football boot arrangements to this date underneath.

Practically all top footballers wear brand boots. These boots fill in as a type of commercial for the connected brand. Thusly, footballers frequently contract with different athletic apparel brands to publicize their boots in games.

Neymar Jr. | Puma | £23 million

In 2020, Neymar moved from Nike to Puma. The contract was one of the biggest boot contracts in history. There he made a multi-year deal with Puma for £400 million. This suggests he will earn around £23 to £24 million a year from Puma till the contract ends.

The length of this contract hasn’t been revealed yet. But the worth is revealed to be a whooping £400 million. This is the biggest boot deal in football history.

Lionel Messi | Adidas | £18 million

The Argentine legend Messi is currently playing as a forward for League-1 club Paris Saints-Germain. He signed a boot contract with Adidas back in 2016. The contract extent was a lifetime. This means he earns annually £18 million from Adidas.

Messi is also the first footballer with his line of boots. He released a sub-brand of boots and sports accessories via Adidas titled “Adidas Messi.” It contains popular series such as X Speedflow, Nemeziz, etc.

Cristiano Ronaldo | Nike| £15 million

The respected Portuguese legend Ronaldo is currently serving as the forward for Premier League club Manchester United. He is also the second-highest-paid sportsman by Nike. Nike partnered with Ronaldo for a lifetime with a £1 billion payment.

Ronaldo receives £15 million yearly from his contract with Nike. He is the brand face of this sports brand, along with Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He also released his Nike-based sportswear collection titled CR7. The lineup contains his custom Mercurial Superfly, SuperRep, and Air Max boots.