Best College Football Fans in Every State 2022

Best College Football Fans in Every State 2022

Saturdays in school are for spending time with companions and watching a decent match. In the event that you love watching football or playing the game, you want to pick the best establishment with a decent history of wins. Obviously, the fan base is more noteworthy in the event that the group is great.

In addition, famous players likewise moved on from a portion of these schools, making them more appealing to understudies. Thus, when you go along with, you'll have an unparalleled view to all games, expanding your affection for football and backing for your school group.

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Ohio State University

Ohio State University is well known for the Ohio State Buckeyes. If you love this team, you can find it on the main campus in Columbus, Ohio. The Buckeyes participate in competitions such as the Big Ten Conference, which brings together world-class universities.

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Ohio State University Record

  • A record of 878-320-53
  • Eight national titles
  • Ten undefeated seasons (six being perfect)
  • 37 Big Ten Conference titles

The University of Notre Dame

This university is renowned for its collegiate football squad. Located in Notre Dame, Indiana, the institution hosts an independent team under the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Still, The Fighting Irish from the University of Notre Dame plays five games annually under the ACC.

Above that, the university has produced seven Heisman winners, including Tim Brown, John Huarte, and Paul Hornung. Moreover, football team games in this institution are popular, and gaming events always sell out.

University of Notre Dame Record

  • A long history of victory dating back to 1887
  • 13 national championship titles
  • Production of about 487 NFL players

The University of Alabama

The Alabama Crimson Tide is among the most popular teams in the NCAA. Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the main campus hosts this popular football team with Nick Saban as the head coach.

The team plays in the SEC Conference and has a successful sports history. Since the start of the Alabama Crimson Tide in 1892, the team has performed well and has gotten the following accolades:

University of Alabama Record

  • 16 national titles
  • 29 SEC Conference titles
  • A record for the most bowl appearances in the NCAA (post-season)

The University of Southern California

If you’ve never heard of the USC Trojans, you are probably not a big football fan. The team ranks highly on the list of popular college football teams in America. Found in Los Angeles, California, the team is part of the Pac-12 Conference and has many awards.

The USC Trojans do not disappoint during game play as all their games are packed with competitive play, especially against other well-known university teams.

University of Southern California Record

  • 11 national championships
  • About 500 NFL players
  • Record for 12 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees

The University of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners found on the institution’s main campus in Norman, Oklahoma, are well-loved and extremely popular among sports fans. The team plays in the Big 12 Conference and has been successful since its inception in 1895.

University of Oklahoma Record

  • Seven national titles
  • 45 Big 12 Conference titles
  • Five Heisman winners and 154 All-Americans