It all starts when the author behind this website first experience the trouble to watch live television channel online abroad without cable. Later that, He spent his time to learn all the possible alternative to cable to watch live television channel streaming online from any corner in the world.

Hi, I’m Abu Zafor (the author and admin of StreamTech.Guru), This blog is entirely made for informational purpose only and it contains guides to watch your favorite cable television channel or television programme online without cable from anywhere in the world.

In America, The cable TV Bills increased to average $103 per month which is $1200+ for a year. Actually, It continually rising. Another major issue around the web media broadcasting services is, Blackout or geo-restrictions. Even you find your favorite TV programme online, You won’t be allowed in other region or countries.

This blog is all about how to watch your favorite live sports, TV Shows & TV Channels online from anywhere without requiring cable and how to bypass the Blackout and Geo-restrictions.